French Toast

If you’re looking for a great way to use up some old stale bread, then look no further than making delicious French toast. It’s essentially bread soaked in custard and fried, what could be tastier than that? And the best news is that recipe is also ridiculously simple to make, so get started!

Curried Chickpea Chicken (Murgh Cholay)

The classic Murgh Cholay is a delightfully spiced chicken and chickpea curry which has always been one of my favourites and now with this recipe, you can enjoy it too.

Mummy-ji’s Spicy Prawns

I was never a big fan of any seafood, but when my mother-in-law added prawns to this simple to prepare spicy sauce, I was hooked.

Aunt Samina’s Sweet Fusilli Pudding

It’s not hard to remember by first trip to Pakistan, but one foodie thing which stood out was Aunt Samina’s sweet macaroni dish.

Saffron Buns – Lussekatter

I normally keep a tidy email inbox, but sitting there unmoved for over a year was the recipe for “Lussekatter” a saffron bun common in the Scandinavian countries made for St Lucy’s Day on the 13th December. Lucia of Syracuse (St Lucy) is the patron saint of the blind and the name Lucia comes from...

Honey Glazed Salmon with Garlic Spinach and Pine Nuts

A light healthy dinner which is quick and easy to make, this honey glazed salmon with garlic spinach will satisfy your tastebuds.

Burns Road Karachi Style Kebab Burgers

Burns Road is the foodie hotspot of Karachi, having saved a recipe which was posted on and Instagram story it came to mind when thinking about making burgers. So why not make your own burgers with a spicy Pakistani flavour sensation of a twist?

Chargrilled Lamb with Moutabel and Fattoush Salad

An outstanding and refreshing middle eastern recipe for chargrilled lamb and perfect for a summer BBQ.

Moroccan Chicken With Lentils – Rfissa

Rfissa is a traditional and delicious Moroccan chicken dish with lentils that is prepared for special occasions. It’s an interesting dish to say the least, from afar you would think that it’s pasta dish of chicken sitting on a bed of Tagliatelle, but no, it’s actually shredded bread. The dish itself is quite simple, marinating...

Korean Style Spicy Chicken Wings – Yangnyeom

Looking for the perfect snack food when you’ve got friend over for a sports match or a friendly game of… Poker? Then look no further than this delicious treat. My Korean Style Spicy Chicken Wings are based on Yangnyeom chicken (Korean: 양념치킨), literally meaning “seasoned chicken” is a snack seasoned with a sweet and spicy sauce...

Spicy Cauliflower Soup

My simple spicy and creamy cauliflower soup is both healthy and a great veggie warmer or light lunch with some toasted croutons.