Joelle's Chislehurst Shop Front
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Joëlle’s of Chistlehurst, Chistlehurst

I must confess it wasn’t just the sight of a new place to buy coffee as I drive past that got me interested, it was because my sister’s name is Joelle, and not something you see everyday.

This small café and deli on Chislehurst High Street delivers a selection of pastries, cheese, meats, and Italian groceries.

I was here for breakfast, and arrived only for a simple croissant with coffee, but it turns out that they have a selection of let’s say “dressed-up” croissants, and therefore we took one Biscoff and the other pistachio and strawberry, to wash it down, a nice flat white.

The other thing I picked up (which I forgot to photograph) was a Maltese Figola biscuit. I was suprised how much I enjoyed that actually, had a great texture which i can remember as being both crumbly and chewy at the same time. You’ve got to try that!

The other great thing with having to take away and being in Chislehurst is the close proximity to the ponds, which are just having some rejuvenation, but great for sitting down on a spring morning and enjoying your breakfast with some geese 🤣.

Check out their website: Joelle’s of Chislehurst or Instagram